Game Buddha
Game Buddha is a free online playing platform where tens of games are added every day from multiple sources, and into distinct categories. These are arcade and flash online games taken from many sources and grouped together for your playing pleasure.

Game Buddha – Main Page:

On Game Buddha Main Page, you will find at all times, the 10 latest games, all categories mixed. These may at times not be the most recent games, even though they are 95% of the time, but in all cases, these are the most recent additions to the Google Games Free Website. If you happen to visit our site daily, you will always find the most recent content on the main page. If you click on “Play Older Games”, you will get the next 10 games (that is the 10 older games that were added), and so on. This ordering of the games in the order they were added to the site will allow the visitor to easily check the latest games that were added to the site.

Game Buddha – Categories Pages:

The same principle applies to each category separately. You will notice on the right hand part of the screen under the heading “Play By Categories” that games are grouped by Categories. If you select a category, the games pertaining to the category will appear also in the reverse order of their addition to the site. For instance, if you want to play “Strategy Games”, you select the “Strategy” category, and you will get the 10 latest games under Strategy. On that screen, if you click “Play Older Games”, you will get the previous 10 games under the Strategy Category.

Game Buddha – Search:

At all times, you can search for a specific game by entering keywords about the game name or the game type in the search box. The latest 10 games with the entered keyword will appear on the screen, and following the same logic described previously, you can click on “Play Older Games” to view the next 10 games in the order of their addition also with the selected keywords. This way, you can select a theme of games to play (like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, etc.), or a keyword from the game (like space, robot, etc.).

Game Buddha – Most Popular:

In the bottom part of all Game Buddha website pages, you can find the most Popular Games. These are the games that received the maximum number of votes. These are not grouped by category, and thus at all times, the most popular games will appear, irrespective of the selected category.
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